Board of Directors

Sharifa Abdulla

Sharifa Abdulla’s work and interests focus on the intersection of arts, academia and activism. She has an MA in Dramatic Arts and is currently a lecturer at Chancellor College in the Department of Fine and performing Arts. Her focus has mainly been in exploring the design and development of Participatory Arts based methodologies that integrate communities as vital agents of change. She has been designing, developing and leading implementation of participatory Arts health related programs. She is also co-founder of the Art and Global Health Center Africa

Dr Chiwoza Bandawe

Dr Chiwoza Bandawe is Associate Professor in the Department of Mental Health at the College of Medicine, University of Malawi. His areas of interest and expertise include Social Psychology particularly cultural aspects of human behavior and mental health competence, Indigenous African Psychology and mental health education. He has several publications in international journals and has published three mental health education books. He is a practicing Clinical Psychologist based in Blantyre. He is the current editor of the Malawi Medical Journal and an adviser to the Art and Global Health Center Africa.

Chisomo Kalinga

Chisomo Kalinga, PhD is a Wellcome-funded literary post-doctoral researcher at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh. Her research interests are the representations of illness, medicine and magic in African writing and oral literature. She also has a keen interest in internet and cyberpunk subcultures.

Rodney Likaku

Rodney Likaku holds a teaching post in literature in the English Department at University of Malawi—Chancellor College. He is also PhD candidate in English Literature at Uppsala University, Sweden. His doctoral research is in poverty, leadership, and the role of knowledge generating centres against the forces of the creative economy in African dystopian fiction. His wider research interests are in contemporary dystopian, speculative, the graphic novel, and apocalyptic fiction and its intersection with the medical humanities. He was a former Programme Officer with the Art and Global Health Centre Africa on the 'Students with Dreams' project. His work is concerned with challenging the narrative of powerlessness so often tied to poverty and inspiring Malawi's youth to embrace bold ideas.

Tumaini Malenga

Tumaini Malenga is currently a PhD research fellow in Medical Anthropology, with the Consortium of Advanced Research and Training in Africa (CARTA); under the University of Malawi’s College of Medicine. Her thesis research is nested in the Majete Malaria Project, a multi-stakeholder operational research collaboration working on a malaria control in communities surrounding the Majete Wildlife Reserve. As part of this project, she is assessing the social implications of introducing community driven malaria control interventions in a rural area with high endemicity. Her research interests are influencers of health behaviour, particularly motivators and deterrents to adopting positive health behaviours.

She holds an MSc in International Development from the University of Bath and a BA in Sociology and Psychology from Bellarmine University.

Emmanuel Ngwira

Emmanuel Ngwira PhD teaches literature and popular culture in the English Department at University of Malawi—Chancellor College. His research interests are in contemporary African popular culture, contemporary African fiction, medical humanities and African oral literature.

Helen Todd

Helen Todd is the executive director of the Art and Global Health Centre Africa. Prior to joining the AGHCA, Helen served for two years as Malawi Program Manager for Global Health Corps, a fellowship programme aiming to build the next generation of leaders for health equity. Helen has previously worked with diverse groups, including refugee communities in the UK and Malawi and indigenous communities in Peru.

She loves working alongside and learning from people with varied backgrounds to find creative solutions to challenges. Helen holds an MProf in Leadership for Sustainable Development from Middlesex University and a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from Sheffield University. In her spare time she is often found hiking, or enjoying art, music and theatre.

Wongile Mbano

Board Secretary
Wongile Mbano is a holder of a Bachelor of Art Humanities degree with a double major of Literature and Drama. And she is an avid reader of fiction and writer of short-stories and prose who has an interest in generating fictional and non-fictional work that draws attention to Malawian indigenous culture.


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